Camp Cabin 2014

My parents stayed with us a couple nights ago and then yesterday they took Emmy back home with them until Sunday.  They live on a lake in WI and Emmy absolutely LOVES it up there! She’ll even grab her suitcase sometimes and walk around saying that she’s going to the cabin. So, last year my parents started Camp Cabin with Emmy.

Camp Cabin is where just Emmy goes up to the cabin and stays with my parents for a few nights and they do a ton of activities, games and field trips.  What a lucky little girl, huh? I think next year I’m going to ask if I can go to Camp Cabin, too.  Anyway, my parents just took her yesterday for Camp Cabin and she’ll be up there until Sunday. Therefore, for the next few nights it’s just Jeremiah, Max and I.  It’s very weird not having Emmy with us, but the pictures we’ve gotten so far tell us she’s having a pretty good time!  My mom even said that as soon as they got to the cabin, Emmy said, “So beautiful!” and as she walked to the cabin, she kept saying to herself, “Almost to my cabin! Almost to my cabin!” So even though we miss her, how can we not just love thinking of her there!

I’m sure as the pictures keep rolling in, I will be doing another post or two on Camp Cabin.


Emmy wearing her new Camp Cabin t-shirt

Emmy wearing her new Camp Cabin t-shirt

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Max getting a feel for what it's like as an only child

Max getting a feel for what it’s like as an only child

  • Bonney
    September 4, 2014

    What a joy for me to be able to continue to connect with you and the loves of your life Katie! Also to enjoy the creativity that just exhales itself out of every smile I’ve ever seen you share. Thanks for this inside view on your life and thoughts as one of my very favorite people — EVER!

    • ktalamantes
      September 4, 2014

      Oh Bonney…what kind words!Thank you!You should start a blog…it would be a great way for you to share some of your wonderful writings!It would truly be a gift to others.
      Thinking of you often, dear friend. xoxo

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