Emmy’s a student!

Well, there’s no going back now…Emmy started school today…and she loves it.

Last week we took a tour of the school and as soon as we got out of the car to check it out, she was saying, “So excited to see my school!” And once again, today when she got out of the car she said, “So excited to go to school!”
It really is a great school.  It’s a montessori school called, MiniApple International Montessori.  I always knew I wanted Emmy to start out her education at a montessori, so needless to say, I’m pretty excited that we found such a great one!

So, while she was in her classroom, Jeremiah and I were in the back of the room watching her and helping her transition to the classroom setting, although I don’t think she needed help. She NEVER even looked back at us. She just jumped right in and got down and dirty with the play dough.  I absolutely loved watching her in this classroom setting and with other kiddos her age.  I was a proud mama as I watched her be respectful to the other kids, listen to the teacher and follow directions.  I know I shouldn’t, or at least not share that I’m doing it, but whatever…today I was giving myself quite a few pats on the back. Although, today I may feel like I could write a best selling parenting book, tomorrow I very well could be looking to buy a best selling parenting book. I guess this is just the roller coaster that is, parenting.  🙂

Anyway, back to Emmy and her school…so yeah, she definitely loved it and was soaking everything in. It was interesting to watch her observe the other kids in her class and what the teacher said to them.  You could tell she was really trying to learn the ropes.

After school was over, Jeremiah and I took Emmy out for lunch to celebrate her first day of school.  Max was with a babysitter and so it was nice to be able to put all of our attention on Emmy and her exciting day.

I don’t want to talk about it too much, as it’s nighttime now and I get more emotional at night, but having Emmy start school is so very bitter-sweet.  I’m so happy that she is excited about it and it will be so good for her, but at the same time, I’m so sad that she is growing up so quickly.  I feel like now that she’s in school, she will never not be in school anymore.  She’s no longer my little girl who stays home with me everyday…I mean, she’ll only be gone 3 days per week and it’s only in the mornings, but still…I’ve never dropped her off somewhere and left her there. Okay, I have to stop. I’m getting a pit in my stomach….

Here are some pictures of her first day at school…

Emmy's first day of school!

Emmy’s first day of school!

Emmy playing


Emmy and class

Emmy engaged in the activity

Emmy with her class

I was so impressed with how well the kiddos followed directions and sat still. It was amazing!

Emmy with class

Emmy participating in class

Emmy with her malt

Enjoying her first day of school special treat malt

Emmy with backpack front

Feeling cool with her new backpack…and no, she didn’t wet herself…she spilled a bit of her malt from lunch. 🙂

Emmy backpack back

Showing off her new backpack that she picked out

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