Emmy’s Playroom

When we moved into our new home a couple months ago, I wanted to hit one room at a time and decorate/organize it.  The first room that I tackled was the playroom. My goal was to have a place for all of Emmy’s toys, as well as a place for the adults to sit and be comfortable. I essentially wanted a space where Emmy and her friends could have fun and where my mama friends would want to hang out. And so with those goals in mind, I made the playroom.  Oh, except I should mention that my dad made the teepee.  Emmy was so excited to have this teepee and she loves it that her grandpa made it for her, which is extra sweet.


Arts and Crafts corner

Easel and chair

dress up

Dress up corner






Her kitchen corner


Her teepee/reading corner

teepee and books


Sitting area for the “big people”

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