Hula hoops, parachutes and hopscotch…oh my!

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Today was such a fun day! Max, Emmy and I went to No Coast Craft-O-Rama, which this year it was outside.  I thought it was a bit risky for them to have it outside in September, but they totally lucked out because it was a beautiful day! The pictures don’t do our day justice, but Emmy had a ball playing with the parachute and hula hoops.  And I bought a really cute mobile for Max’s room from a local company called, Dundry Hill.
When we got home, I decided to add a bit of pizzazz to the playroom by putting washi tape on the carpet to make a hopscotch for Emmy.  She doesn’t really grasp the concept of the hopscotch game yet, but I think it looks cute, nonetheless!

Also, last night Jeremiah and I went out on a date and had a new babysitter watch both of the kiddos. This was the first time we had someone other than family watch both of our kids.  Luckily, it seems as though it was a success cause Emmy had a blast and the sitter wants to come back! Plus, Jeremiah and I had a great night chatting and eating good food!

I hope you all are having a nice weekend, as well!


Emmy with parachute

She said the parachute was her favorite part of the day today.


Emmy at Craftorama

She sat down on the curb and asked to have a picnic. We didn’t have any picnic food, but I scrounged around and found a granola bar. I mean, really, how could I say no?!?



Date night at The Rival House

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