Labor Day Weekend at the Lake

This past weekend, Jeremiah, Max and I went to the lake to pick up Emmy from Camp Cabin.  We were only there for a night, but we packed in a lot while we were there.  Max met more of my side of the family and he even had his first cruise. And Emmy showed us all the fun things she did while at Camp Cabin.  Boy, does she ever love it there.  Today she even said, “Emmy go home…to my cabin.”  If she ever decides to venture off on her own, at least I will know where she’s headed!

Then, on Monday morning, we, unfortunately, had to leave pretty quickly because we had plans to stop by my grandma and her boyfriend’s house so that they could meet Max. Oh and yes, you heard that right, my 87 year old grandma has a boyfriend….named Ozzie. But that is a whole other story… 🙂

Anyway, I love that Emmy and Max have both been able to meet their great-grandma. And my grandma sure does love them! You should see her place, it is covered in pictures of Emmy.  She says that whenever she’s crabby, she just has to look at a picture of Emmy and she feels so much better.  I love that my little girl can have that effect on my grandma. And when she met Max she couldn’t get over how chubby he is and all of his dark hair. It was really nice to watch her holding him and to see the love she already has for him.

This trip to WI was definitely short but sweet.  Everyone had a great time and I know I could’ve stayed for a few more days…

Below are a few pictures of this weekend.

Max's first cruise I

Captain Max enjoying his first cruise

Emmy binoculars

Emmy’s on the lookout for loons

Max and Katie

Max sleeping Cruise II

All of this pontoon cruising really wears a guy out

Emmy hammock

Fun with her cousins

Karen Parker Max

Max getting some lovin’ from his auntie Karen and cousin Parker

ozzie and max

Ozzie and Max

gma and Max

Grandma (Mimi) and Max

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