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It’s been awhile since my last post and so to get this blog up to date, I’m just going to bombard you with pictures from this past week and weekend.

I love pictures like this one. There is already such a beautiful bond between these two. Emmy absolutely loves her brother and drowns him in kisses on a daily basis. When he cries, she will go up to him and say, “It’s okay, Max…it’s okay.” And Max, he beams whenever she is around him. He gets such a kick out of her and she is often too rough with him, but he doesn’t seem to mind, he just likes to be with her.

max and emmy

And this is what Max has to put up with on a daily basis.  If Emmy’s not balancing feathers on his head and making him hold onto her pompon, then she is shoving a nook in his mouth (he doesn’t like nooks) and patting his belly with a bit too much gusto.


This past weekend, we went to the cabin and it was absolutely beautiful up there! Emmy was so excited to be there.  She is such an outdoorsy girl that she is very much in her element when she’s there. Plus, she always has such a great time with Grandma Bessie and Grandpa.  The next few pictures are of her jumping into a pile of leaves. Last year, she was terrified to even step on a leaf, and now look at her! What a difference a year makes! Oh and her shirt says, “Enjoy the little things”…which is something that she definitely does, and by seeing life through her eyes, I do the same.

Emmy leavesEmmy leaves IIemmy leaves IIIphoto 3photo 4

While Jeremiah and my dad were out fishing, my mom and I also took advantage of the beautiful weather by going for a walk with Emmy in the wagon and Max in his big boy stroller.  I couldn’t believe he already fit in it! I think Emmy was 5 months old or older before she was big enough for this stroller. And Max is only 3 months old! He LOVED being in it too.  He was so mellow the entire time. I think his face says it all in this picture. He is my mellow fellow.

Max in the stroller

This isn’t the best picture of Max, but I wanted to show off the onesie I made him because I like it. 🙂  Oh and on a side note, you may notice that he doesn’t have hair anymore. Long story short, I got carried away with the buzzer and shaved it off.  Yup…My son was blessed with a full head of hair and I shaved it all off! You’re welcome, Max. Now, this may seem crazy…but I did it because he was losing so much hair on top but none on the sides so he looked like a balding old man. I meant to just even out the top with the sides, but got carried away.  Oops.

lake baby


And to celebrate my donut loving mom’s birthday, the kids and I went to Glam Doll Donuts rather than make a cake.  If you’ve never been there and you’re in Minneapolis, I highly suggest it.  It is mighty tasty.  Plus, it was rated as one of the top 10 tastiest donut shops in the US by USAToday.

moms birthday


On Monday, Emmy carved her first pumpkin and dug right in! She kept saying that it was messy, but that didn’t stop her. 🙂

Emmy and pumpkin1


And here she is with the finished product, while eating an apple. What a fall picture, huh? The next three pictures are almost the same, but I couldn’t decide which one to include in the blog so I included all of them. 🙂

Emmy and pumpkin IIIemmy and pumpkinpumpkin and emmyMax and J


Then, on Monday night we went to an “owl show.” Emmy loves owls, especially great horned owls, and so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for her to learn more about owls and to see a live one.  When the instructor brought out the owl, Emmy was star-struck.  She just stared at it in awe and then started to say, “I LOVE owls!” and “Max! See the owl!? Do you like owls?!” And Max was actually into it too. Not sure how much he could actually see but he was attentive the entire time!


max and owl emmy and owl Emmy and owl II Emmy and owl IV owl Emmy and goose wing


On Tuesday, Max and I went to Ikea while Emmy was at school and he was starting to get a bit fussy so I put him forward facing in the BabyBjorn and he couldn’t have been happier!


Max in BabyBjorn


Yesterday, I went grocery shopping with the kiddos and I let Emmy push her own cart for the first time. Initially, I was wondering if I was crazy for doing this, as I wouldn’t be able to chase her very well being that I had Max in the BabyBjorn, but she did awesome! She was very good at controlling the cart and not running into things or people.  She also didn’t grab everything off the shelves like I thought she might. Once in awhile she’d say, “I know! I have a great idea! Let’s get [whatever it is that she wanted at the time]!”

Emmy grocery shopping


Lastly, check out what my dad made us! We don’t have a side table next to this chair and I always felt bad for people sitting in it because they didn’t have anywhere to put their drink.  But now they do! Isn’t it cool? I got the idea from this blog, but I think my dad did an even nicer job.


glass holder


Oh and one more thing…remember that one time when Emmy went to school??? Well, now she doesn’t.  She just wasn’t happy going there, never wanted to talk about it and when she did, she would tell us she doesn’t like school. There were just too many tears and since I stay at home,  she doesn’t HAVE to be there. I just thought she’d like it and have fun, but since that wasn’t the case, I pulled her out. Plus, it was hard finding out about these fun daytime activities but know that we couldn’t go to them because she’d be in school.  We will probably try again next year, but for this year I just want her to have fun and be happy. She will be in school for so many years, she should enjoy this time at home and doing activities with me while she can.


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