There’s a nip in the air…time for fall sweaters!

This is going to be a bit of a random post of some of the things I’m loving right now that I’ve found on the world wide web.
So, I’m on the hunt for some fall clothes and although I love JCrew’s clothes right now (and always will), I’ve come to realize that spending that amount of money on a shirt that within a day will be full of spit up and blueberry stains, just doesn’t seem very practical.  So for now, I’m on the hunt for some fall/winter clothes that are a bit more affordable.
For example, I love this coat for date nights when I’m a bit more dressed up then my usual t-shirt and jeans.  Otherwise, I’m in the need of a new everyday winter coat and I’ve had my eye on this one for a few weeks…which I think there’s a rule that if you want something for more than two weeks, you should get it. 😛
As for jeans, I’m still in the process of losing the pregnancy weight and so even though I’d love some of these jeans, I think I’m going to hold off until my weight stabilizes, which if I’m lucky will be my pre-Emmy weight.  I have some pre-Emmy jeans that I’d love to get back into! And this scarf on Etsy is so darn cute, but it’s $88.00. Eek. I think I could probably just make one, if I could get my hands on one of those Mexican blankets.
Then last night, I saw a sweater from my favorite boutique in Minneapolis (Parc Boutique) and I can see myself wearing this sweater everyday. It looks so comfy! And lastly, now that it’s getting cooler, I think I need some of these. I was really wanting to throw some on last night when getting up to feed Max.

Oh and on a side note: I’m excited to say that for the past couple of weeks, my mind has been consumed with Mikas.  I’m in the process of recreating the Mikas and having them be different animals.  I’ve been busy picking out fabric and drawing sketches. I can’t wait to get started! Here’s an example of the kitty Mika. Although, the face will change as I’ve decided to embroider the faces rather than hand stitch.


Kitty Cat Mika

Okay, well I better get to bed.  Tomorrow is Emmy’s birthday and we’re having a little family party for her, which I will try to post pictures of.  It’s going to be so fun…she is so excited for her birthday this year. It’s amazing what one year can do. Last year when she was turning one, she was pretty oblivious to her birthday, and this year she will tell anyone who will listen that her birthday is coming up and that she wants cake, cupcakes, juice and a birthday hat.  Ahhh…I love my little girl! I can’t wait for her to feel so special tomorrow on her big day.


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