Trying to keep up with the days

Boy, life sure is crazy with two little kiddos. I seriously can’t keep up with the days. I have messed up plans and engagements more times than I can count this past month! But don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, it’s been all fun stuff, just very busy. First was Halloween, which was great. The Friday prior to Halloween, we went to a Halloween party put on by ECFE (the early childhood and family education program) but since Emmy’s costume was going to be too cumbersome for her to play games, we decided to take her to the Halloween store so she could choose a different costume for that night. And after what seemed like an hour, she had shown interested in about 4 costumes, so I held them all out and asked her to choose which one she wanted to wear for Halloween.  I couldn’t believe that she chose the one she chose, so I mixed them up and did it again. Sure enough, she chose the same costume as she had the first time…so, that was that, she was going to be a postal worker for Halloween! And boy oh boy, who knew a postal worker could be that gosh darn cute! I also didn’t realize a postal worker could be as big of a diva as she was that night. We stayed at the party for about 20 minutes but she was having so many tantrums, we decided to head home. But since Jeremiah and I are such good parents, on our way home, after all her tantrums, we decided to stop at Dairy Queen. Way to be consistent and not send mixed messages, huh?! 😉 Sometimes though, you just gotta do what you gotta do…and I needed some ice cream, stat.

Postal worker, Emmy

Then for the actual night of Halloween, we all put on our costumes, took some pictures and went trick or treating! Although, the time it took to put the costumes on and take pictures was probably longer than the actual time spent trick or treating. We made it to three houses before Emmy decided she wanted to head home. But handing out candy was a lot of fun and Emmy loved seeing everyone’s costumes! Plus, she was wired on sugar which made everything even that more exciting for her!

photo 2 copy photo 1 copy


photo 4 copy

This is obviously a post-Halloween candy picture…

Then, the following weekend, I was able to get away with some of my besties. We went to a wonderful spa called the Lotus Spa in Eau Claire, WI. I can’t even explain what a great getaway it was. I had a full body massage, facial, pedicure, time in the steam room and a shower that was a massage in itself.  And we spent the entire day in fluffy robes…it really couldn’t get better than that! After the spa, we went out to eat at a wonderful restaurant, called Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse where we told stories, laughed and shed a few happy and touching tears. After dinner was done, we wobbled back to our hotel room and spent the rest of the night continuing to catch up. It was a day and night that I will not forget. I’m so very grateful to call some of the best woman in the world my friends. Not sure how I got so lucky…


I should also mention that while I was away for the night, my mom and Jeremiah took care of the kiddos and it went very well! It’s so wonderful to have our parents so close and that they want to be so involved in our kiddos lives. Again, how did I get so lucky?!

So, as I was saying, the kiddos got to spend the weekend with grandma Bessie and then on Tuesday night, Grandma Alma and Pa came to stay the night! Alma had been ill for a bit and so we hadn’t seen them for quite awhile. It was great to have them with us and for them to see Max and play with Emmy. Although, a blurry, I really think this picture says it all:

photo 5

And then there’s this video. I love how animated she is and then at the end, she says,”Good singing, everybody!” Which reminds me of a cute Emmyism from last week…so, the kids and I were grocery shopping and Emmy was sitting in the cart and every time we would pass someone, she would say, “Good job, everyone!” I kinda think Target may need to hire her as their grocery shopping cheerleader! 😉


Now to end this post, I need to share something with you…and you can either thank me later, or just invite me over and let me have some…

So, how many times have you said to yourself, “Boy, I wish I knew the perfect banana bread recipe!”?? Well, if you’ve said that even once, then you’re in luck because I have it! It’s actually so perfect that it’s called, “The Perfect Banana Bread.”  And before I go on, I want to thank my mama for making it for me when my family and I were at the cabin, and then I want to thank my amazing cook/baker of a cousin, Karen who introduced her to this lovely little recipe. And not only is this bread so yummy and moistest banana bread you’ve ever had, it’s also oh so easy! Seriously…I’ve made it twice now and if you know me at all, you know I’m not much of a baker. So, if I can make this, you can too!

Anyway, without further ado, here is the recipe…and a picture of it, just to tempt the palette. 🙂
banana bread


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