What a fun filled weekend!

We had such a fun-filled weekend that I just have to share it with ya’ll.

It started out on Friday evening, when Max and I met up with one of my besties for coffee.  It was such a beautiful fall night, I was grateful to be able to be out an enjoy it a bit.  It was also great catching up with my friend, as it had been way too long.

Then, on Saturday morning the family and I went to Big Truck Day.  Big Truck Day is where a ton of big trucks park in a parking lot and the kiddos are able to climb inside them and play with the buttons and horns. Clifford, Curious George and a band were also there. Needless to say, Emmy had a great time! She chose to go into a fire truck, ambulance and garbage truck; other than that, she was very into Clifford. It’s funny, when I was young (and a bit still today) I was so afraid of anyone dressed up as something else, but Emmy absolutely loves it! She always has to go and hug anyone dressed up as something…which is good, I suppose as it has helped me face my fear. I, now, will not hesitate to go over and talk to a man dressed up as an oversized chipmunk, if that’s what my little girl wants me to do! 🙂

Anyway, when we got home from Big Truck Day, the fun didn’t stop.  Well, it did for a couple hours while Emmy napped…but soon after she woke up some of my other besties came over for a taco dinner party.  One them just had a baby a month ago and so I was excited to see her beautiful daughter again.  It was fun to see her and Max together, since they are only a couple months apart and will hopefully grown up being buddies. So, as you can imagine, the evening was full of great food, laughs and wonderful company.  And Emmy was a hoot and a half at the party.  There’s no doubt that that girl loves an audience, oh my goodness. ..

Then, lastly, on Sunday,  we went to the Afton Apple Orchard.  It is a fantastic orchard full of activities for the kiddos.  Emmy rode on the Moo Moo Choo Choo all by herself!  Being that it carries a dozen toddlers, that thing goes much faster than you’d expect! Plus, it doesn’t just go in circles, it takes off through the orchard…for what seemed like hours! Jeremiah and I had a bit of a hard time letting her go by herself. I think one of us was always looking down the dirt path watching for her return.  But sure enough, when she got back, the first thing she said, with a smile from ear to ear, was, “That was great!” I think she’s a bit of an adrenaline junkie…

So that was our fun-filled weekend with friends and our family.  After this weekend, I can’t help but to feel so grateful for my awesome, little family and my incredible friends. I am one lucky lady. xoxo

max on couch

This picture just makes me laugh. His expressions on priceless.

emmy and j

Emmy taking a tour of an ambulance

Emmy in garbage truck

Little Emmy in a big garbage truck.

emmy and clifford

Emmy and Clifford having a heart to heart

emmy and curious george

Emmy and Curious George, together in deep thought

em in firetruck

Emmy in the firetruck. She cried when I took her out. 🙂



She generally hates wearing hats, but gladly put on the HEAVY fireman's helmet.

She generally hates wearing hats, but gladly put on the HEAVY fireman’s helmet.

Emmy making "bones" with me for a Halloween treat

Emmy making “bones” with me for a Halloween treat

taco time

Taco Time!

me and mari

Me and sweet Mariana

Max and Mari

Max and Mari…BFFB (best friends from birth)

Emmy on moo moo choo choo

Emmy getting ready for her joy ride in the moo moo choo choo

J and E

Harvesting (as Emmy calls it) apples with daddy


emmy and i raspberries

Admiring the raspberries

max in bjorn

Cuddle bug Max and I enjoying the hayride

emmy picking apples

Emmy “harvesting” apples

emmy and her apple bag

Emmy enjoying the fruits of her labor…pun intended 😉

emmy dragging apple bag

Emmy after a hard days work “harvesting” apples


All of us on the hayride. I wish Max was facing us, but he was happy on daddy’s chest and so we didn’t want to mess with him! 🙂

emmy and i

Emmy and I taking our yearly orchard picture

"I can't believe my mom is holding me by the crotch. I am so mortified..."

“I can’t believe my mom is holding me by the crotch. I am so mortified…”

max and i

Max and I starting our yearly orchard picture

Video: Max and Emmy

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  • naomi
    September 29, 2014

    looks like a great weekend! such cute photos. that video is hilarious! so cute 🙂

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